CRYSTN HUNT AKRON aka Christine Hinterkörner is an artist in the fields of contemporary music and performing arts


Crystn Hunt Akron aka Christine Hinterkörner sings and composes for various music, theater and dance projects and gives workshops in vocals and songwriting. Graduate at the Anton Bruckner Privatuniversity in Linz Austria (2006) in Jazz and Popvocals and Music and Media Technology. Integral part of her work - apart from her own music and art productions in the fields of music, theater, dance - are collaborations with international and national artists > Michael Hornek AT, Patrik Huber AT, Alain Thibault CA, Panagiotis USA, AMB UK, Fump DE, Sol Pico ES, Ángel Lluis Ferrando Modales ES, Iris Heitzinger AT < as well as longer stays abroad and residencies.


Christine stayed abroad 2007 - 2009 in Barcelona, she worked as a singer and musical director at the contemporary dance company Sol Pico where 4 dance pieces were created with her "Las Doñas, Sirena a la plancha". Performances at TNC National Theater Barcelona ES, Barco Naumon Barcelona ES, Sabadell ES, La Maja De Goya Madrid ES, Loja ES, Festival Viva Cité de Sotteville-lès-Rouen FR, Expo Zaragozza ES, Canarian Islands, Pula HRV, Taipei Taiwan TWN.

The Guinea Pig Collective

At the end of 2009 the Guinea Pig Collective is born, which is the basis for creative processes and the exchange of inspiration by the three artists Dietmar Suoch (media art), Iris Heitzinger (performance dance) and Christine Hinterkörner (experimental music). The interactive dance performance and installation "Blackbox" will be premiered in March 2010 with the support of the Province of Salzburg (podium 2009) and the tanz_house association as well as in co-production with ARGEkultur in Austria and La Caldera / Festival Grec in Spain. Performances in Austria and Spain.


Madame Humtata

In 2010 Christine Hinterkörner founded the art figure "MADAME HUMTATA", composes and wrotes the 11 music tracks for the debut studio album "Fat Black Spider"; produced with the jazz musician Michael Hornek Vienna AT, music label "Monkey Music", Vienna AT. The debut album has been recommended in various music magazines The Gap, Mica, ... The studio album and the interdisziplinary live performance will be premiered at the "Kunsthalle Vienna" in 2010 supported by the music label "Monkey Music Vienna" AT.

Performances at Ars Electronica Festival Linz AT, Llántic Teatre Barcelona ES, Movida Festival Salzburg AT, Open Air Festival Ottensheim AT, Museum of Art Vienna AT, Drap Art Festival Barcleona ES, Stadtwerkstatt Linz AT, Marianne von Willemer Award Linz AT, Festival Carneval of Fear Schärding AT, CCCB Museum of Contemporary Art Barcelona ES.

With the Anton Bruckner composition scholarship, Christine will be awarded for the project "Madame Humtata and Ángel Modales Orchestra". With this scholarship she wrote the score of 21 voices for the master orchester symphony with 80 brass musician "Banda primitiva de Alcoy" playing the music of the debut album of MADAME HUMTATA. The interdisziplinary music performance "Fat Black Spider & Banda Primitiva de Alcoy" will be premiered in February 2011 in the Teatre Calderon with the support of the Culture Departement of Upper Austria and Teatre Calederon de Alcoy ES.

Christine Hinterkörner is touring with her interdisciplinary music performance "Fat Black Spider" as MADAME HUMTATA - a mix of Avant Art Pop, contemporary dance, video art and unwearable fashion show - together with the drummer, Florian Kasper, electronic musician, Patrik Huber and the video artist, Reinhold Bidner.

Costume Design

With the art figure MADAME HUMTATA, Christine immerses herself in the world of performance and starts experimenting with costume and stage design. In working with various materials from plastic bags, newspaper paper, she creates individual costumes and gives the figure MADAME HUMTATA, her own fashionable identity. Her interest in fashion and design leads her to photographic experiments in which the overall work of art from costume, figure, space and theme creates its own world.



  • 2014 Startstipendium Bundesministerium für Kunst und Kultur Wien
  • 2011 Musik Artvideo „Addicted” screening @ Diagonale Graz
  • 2011 Musikvideo „Fat Black Spider” screening @ Crossing Europe Festival Linz
  • 2010 „Anton Bruckner Kompositionspreis“ der Stadt Linz
  • 2009 Musik Artvideo „Grualuv” nominiert @ “Audiovisual Festival” in Porto, Portugal
  • 2009 “Blackbox” Förderpreis der Stadt Salzburg – Podium Salzburg
  • 2008 “Sirena a la plancha” El Premio Max, Spanischer Kulturpreis, Barcelona (Sol Pico)
  • 2008 “Sirena a la plancha” Internationaler Tanzpreis, Kroatien (Sol Pico)

Photographs featuring Robert Maybach