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In 2010 Crystn Hunt Akron founded the art figure MADAME HUMTATA, she composes and wrotes the first 11 Tracks for the debut studio album "Fat Black Spider" which has been released at the Kunsthalle Wien, produced by the jazz musician Michael Hornek (Vienna), Label: monkey music (Vienna). The debut album has been recommended with the best critics in various music magazines - The Gap, Mica, ...

With the Anton Bruckner Composition Award, Crystn will be honored for the project "Madame Humtata feat. Banda Primitiva De Alcoy". With this scholarship she wrote the score for 21 voices for the master orchester symphony for 80 musician . The orchester played exclusively with brass instruments the compositions of the debut album of MADAME HUMTATA "Fat Black Spider" 2011. Premiere at Theater Calderon Alcoy ES.

Crystn is touring on stage with the drummer, Florian Kasper, electronic musician, Patrik Huber and the video artist Reinhold Bidner with her interdisciplinary music performance "Fat Black Spider" as MADAME HUMTATA on Austrian and Spanish stages.



Madame humtata

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