"THIS IS LOVE" A new track composed on the Island of Hvar

// HVAR //

_A place to compose_


Hvar - an Island in Croatia - is one of the favorite places of the artist and musician Crystn Hunt Akron, where she gots a lot of inspriation of the people, living, nature and the turquoise colored sea.

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Crystn and Patrik Huber the musician and artist duo had a residence on the beautiful island of Hvar. Warm sunset over the sea horizon, drinking espresso at the harbor promenade, where the yachts lie comfortably and observe the daily life of fishermen.

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In the middle of this wonderful idyll, directly at the harbor promenade lies the old "Hotel Palace", where already then the empress Sissi resided.

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In the venerable palace stands a concert grand piano, which already has some stories to tell.

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Pic by Alexander Topalovic

The musician and author Patrik Huber lets himself be enveloped by this idyll and conjures up prosaic love lyrics deep inside him.

"You can´t kill
my voice,
you can´t kill
my voice !
A legend
in my brain,

Crystn breathes life into the words, composing melody and the chords on the old grand piano.

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